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phoenixdragon2u's Journal

Phoenix Dragon
26 April
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Harry Potter fanatic who discovered the Magic of Hogwarts only about a year ago (Fall of 2003). In that short time, I have read canon books 1-3 = 3x each; canon books 4 & 5 = 2x; own movies 1 & 2; have seen PoA 3x and counting; have already reserved my DVD copy of PoA; own all the movie soundtracks; and have 4 Draco/Harry pictures on my cell phone; Hedwig's Theme, Longbottom Flies and Double Trouble ringtones (I told you I was addicted).

However, although, I love canon ... my heart now belongs to the Fandom which has me totally and completely addicted! I personally only Sail the Harry/Draco Ship; however, I have the utmost respect for all Ships, people and pairings as I believe that each individual must select their own mate and in this big crazy world IF you find that one person who balances and completes you - grab on and never let go!

I do not have writing or artistic skills, however, I am an avid and addicted reader and reviewer of both fanfics and art. I know that our wonderful fanfic writers write out of pure love of the subject matter – it does not pay their rent, put food on their table, get them promoted at work or complete their education –yet, they not only write but they post their stories to share with us. With as much pleasure as the artists and writers have brought to me and the Fandom, I believe the least we can do is to review and try to reward the writers and artists for the blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul poured into their stories and works of art.

Phoenix / Dragon

[harry + draco]

Padfoot / Moony

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